Take my fee from my refund

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    I herby consent to all fees and disbursements incurred by Etax Group Pty Ltd, in the preparation and lodgement of my tax returns, to be deducted from the tax refund I receive from the Australian Taxation Office, with the remainder of my refund being;

    Credited to my financial institution; the account details are:
  • I declare that I am not Bankrupt or have bankruptcy proceedings pending, I do not owe money for Child Support, I do not owe money to Centrelink, my return does not include a Request for Ruling, the ustralian Taxation Office has not contacted me during the last 12 months relating to a matter included in a previous return, or other matters that I have not informed Etax Group Pty Ltd of, that will inder my estimated tax refund. It is agreed that if I do not receive my tax refund, or that it is less than the amount determined, then Etax Group Pty Ltd shall be entitled to recover from me, all losses, costs and expenses (including legal costs) incurred in the preparation of my tax returns.

  • I note that the total refund is deposited into Etax Group Pty Ltd Trust Account, to allow for the fee to be withdrawn, before funds are transferred from the account. Etax Group Pty Ltd will remit the balance to me as soon as practicable

    I authorise the refund to be dealt with in this manner.


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